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Justice Apartments at low price for magistrate Oleg Melniciuc’s mother and relatives in the residential block for judges

The head of the court Oleg Melniciuc, his mother and some of his relatives will get apartments and commercial property in the residential block on the street Hristo Botev 6 in Chisinau, which is currently being built for the magistrates of Rascani District Court in the capital and for...


Ukraine-Moldova-Transnistria: golden triangle of smuggling

Almost every month, law enforcement officers of Ukraine report about delaying of alcohol and cigarettes smuggling from Moldova. However, in Ukraine the quantity of...

Child's rights

Roma girls - from school to early marriages

Stereotypes and poverty close their way to school. Many Roma girls get married when they are teens and they abandon school. Most of them...

Child's rights

Childhood with alcohol taste

Children in Moldova start drinking early in primary grades and when they grow up, most of them get drunk at least once. Cases of...

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UNDP awards 5 corruption investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism

Five out of nine investigations awarded in a competition for best journalistic corruption investigations organized by UNDP, were accomplished under the projects carried out...


Ana Gutu about the captured state and the influence of oligarchs: „Unification with Romania is the only solution for Moldova”

Ana Gutu, candidate of the Party Dreapta in presidential elections dated October 30 says that one more reason to call Moldova a captured state...


Silvia Radu and Valeriu Ghiletchi speak about oligarchs and captured state

Silvia Radu and Valeriu Ghiletchi, independent candidates for presidential elections in Moldova share the opinion that the state is influenced by some political groups....

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