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Integrity Generous sponsors of judges

Dozens of judges from the Republic of Moldova received last year expensive gifts from parents, parents-in-law and relatives. Either it's about flats, houses or money, in some cases the value of the gifts amounts to thousands of lei. While magistrates say that donations are due exclusively to the generosity...


INFOGRAFIC // Harta primarilor penali din Republica Moldova

În cinci ani, din 2013 până în 2017, procurorii au intentat peste 100 de dosare penale în privința primarilor și președinților de raioane. Este un...


Apartments at low price for magistrate Oleg Melniciuc’s mother and relatives in the residential block for judges

The head of the court Oleg Melniciuc, his mother and some of his relatives will get apartments and commercial property in the residential block...


Ukraine-Moldova-Transnistria: golden triangle of smuggling

Almost every month, law enforcement officers of Ukraine report about delaying of alcohol and cigarettes smuggling from Moldova. However, in Ukraine the quantity of...

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Media NGOs regard public admonitions against journalists as an attempt of intimidation

Media NGOs are concerned about the attitude of the members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) towards the investigative journalist Mariana Rata, who...

The attempt to limit foreign funding of NGOs endangers the functioning of democracy in Moldova and cannot, under any circumstances, be accepted

The legislation of the Republic of Moldova on non-governmental organizations is obsolete, failing to provide sufficient protection against abuses. In spring 2016, the Minister...


UNDP awards 5 corruption investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism

Five out of nine investigations awarded in a competition for best journalistic corruption investigations organized by UNDP, were accomplished under the projects carried out...

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