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Investigations Herman von Hebel

Herman von Hebel, the chairperson of the independent Commission for the evaluation of the integrity of candidates for the position of member in the self-administration bodies of judges and prosecutors - the Pre-Vetting Commission, worked from March 8, 2013 to April 16, 2018, as a Registrar at the International

Oportunities European Cross-border Grants: Stories don`t stop at the borders

This awarded grant programme supports since 2009 professional journalists who have good ideas for cross-border investigations and for research on European topics. The stories must be relevant to European target groups. Cross-border teams of professional journalists can apply for a grant to cover working time and/or expenses for their investigation. Next to a grant, teams can also

Investigations FRONTLINE DOCTORS: Who defends their rights

Healthcare workers were among the first to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Exhausting shifts, extensive work, work for two, three or more colleagues who either got sick or left the system for good, always exposed to contamination, due to insecurity at work, doctors, nurses and technical staff

Oportunities Study programme for regional mass media: discover the EU values in Slovakia

The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova invites the regional press to apply for participation in a study program, that will take place during 7-10 September 2020, in the Republic of Moldova. During the project, participants will get acquainted with the example of Slovakia's development

Oportunities Pulitzer Center offers Data Journalism Grants

Grant Overview The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, a non-profit organization that supports independent global journalism, is seeking applications for innovative data-driven journalism projects that spotlight under reported issues. This opportunity is open to all newsrooms and independent journalists in the United States and abroad.  We are eager for proposals that

Oportunities Call for Applications 2020 of the CEI SEEMO Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism

The CEI and the South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) have opened the Call for Applications 2020 of the CEI SEEMO Award for Outstanding Merits in Investigative Journalism. The Award is meant to honour the work carried out by investigative journalists and their contribution to investigative reporting despite the difficult conditions under which

Oportunities Reporters in the Field offers grants for cross-border investigations

From the European Parliament elections to Brexit to the CumEx-Files: all signs point to the continued significance of crossborder journalism to make sense of complex transnational issues. If you are a reporter who wants to dig deeper and collaborate with others to cover relevant European stories that don’t stop

Oportunities FIRE supports the investigations of freelance journalists

Investigative Stories A number of organizations already support feature stories and projects, but FIRE strictly supports investigative reporting. We do not accept or fund proposals for non-investigative features. By definition, investigative reporting uncovers information in the public interest, usually information that someone is trying to hide.  The following three questions should help

Oportunities Open Call for Proposals | 2019 Data Journalism and Property Rights Grants

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, a grant-giving non-profit organization that supports independent global journalism, is seeking applications for data-driven journalism projects related to land rights and property rights. They are eager to see proposals that use open data to reveal new perspectives on property rights issues related to land

Investigations Greek magistrates did what justice in Moldova didn’t: former international expert sentenced to 2 years in prison for pedophilia

Eight years after the publication of an investigation of the Center of Investigative Journalism about a network of pedophiles in Moldova and Ukraine, Greek justice ruled: Nick Georgiadis, one of the pedophiles abusing minors, was convicted. Tuesday, February 26, in Greece, two years in prison. In the Republic of

Oportunities Investigative reporting fellowship open

Journalists ages 22 to 38 can apply for a fellowship.​ Moment magazine organizes the Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative to encourage reporters to write in-depth stories about deeply ingrained prejudices. The fellow receives US$5,000 to complete a reporting project as well as mentoring from experienced journalists. The final story from the project is published

Investigations Vlad of Arabia: properties, interests and connections in the Middle East

● The leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova Vlad Plahotniuc reported for the first time a series of business and interests in the Middle East. ● Moldova has strengthened its relations with the countries of this region in recent years.  ● One of the intermediaries is the Trans-Oil patron, Vaja

Investigations Who are the winning candidates in uninominal constituencies Nb.35-51

Following the processing of 100% of the reports, 51 candidates in the uninominal constituencies will accede to the future legislative after the elections are validated. Reporters of the Anticorupţ portal carried out these candidates’ profile, their welfare and the scandals targeting them. About the winners in the constituencies Nb. 1-17, read

Investigations Who are the winning candidates in uninominal constituencies Nb.18-34

Following the processing of almost 100% of the reports, 51 candidates in the uninominal constituencies will accede to the future Legislative after the elections are validated. Reporters of the Anticorupţ portal compiled these candidates’ profile, their welfare and scandals targeting them. About the winners in the constituencies Nb. 1-17, read here,

Investigations Who are the winning candidates in uninominal constituencies Nb. 1-17

Following the processing of almost 100% of the reports, 51 candidates in the uninominal constituencies will accede to the future legislative after the elections are validated. Reporters of the Anticorupţ portal compiled a profile about the candidates in uninominal constituencies and their property.  About the winners in the constituencies Nb. 18-34,

Oportunities „Follow the money”. Money trail grants

In Money Trail, offers working grants for mixed teams of African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe. Grants are awarded to journalists solely by, with no input or oversight at any stage from the consortium

Oportunities Call for Applications for 2019 European Cross-Border Grants is currently accepting applications for its 2019 European Cross-Border Grants to support professional journalists, who have good ideas for cross-border research and for research on European affairs. The stories must be relevant for European target groups. The board of vzw, its manager and the members of the jury engage

Oportunities Follow the money - workshop on investigative journalism methods by Paul Radu and Miranda Patrucic from OCCRP

Date: November 7-9, 2018 Venue: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary More information on the workshop is available here. Follow the money, follow the bank, follow the proxy. A workshop on how to track down and expose organized crime and corruption across borders and databases. How do criminals think, how do they grow

Oportunities The search is on for the 2018 Thomson Foundation Young Journalist

Young reporters from across the world are invited to submit their work to the Thomson Foundation to enter the competition for the sixth Young Journalist’ Award. Part of the UK Foreign Press Association Awards (FPA), the award enables journalists aged 30 and under, from countries with a Gross National Income (GNI)  per

Oportunities ICFJ Knight Fellow, Data Journalism, Central/Eastern Europe

The International Center for Journalists seeks outstanding applicants with a strong background in data journalism for a one-year ICFJ Knight Fellowship to promote data-driven reporting techniques in Central and Eastern Europe. The Fellow will work with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), which supports a network of investigative journalism

Investigations Generous sponsors of judges

Dozens of judges from the Republic of Moldova received last year expensive gifts from parents, parents-in-law and relatives. Either it's about flats, houses or money, in some cases the value of the gifts amounts to thousands of lei. While magistrates say that donations are due exclusively to the generosity

Oportunities Deadline extended: ICFJ offers fellowship in data journalism [Central, Eastern Europe]

Experienced data journalists with a knack for finding stories in data can apply for this program. The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) seeks outstanding applicants with a strong background in data journalism for a one-year ICFJ Knight Fellowship to promote data-driven reporting techniques in Central and Eastern Europe. The fellow will work

Oportunities N-ost offers grants for cross-border reporting projects [Europe]

International teams of freelancers and staff journalists, photographers or visual storytellers from participating countries can apply for these grants. The program "Reporters in the field", organized by N-ost agency, offers grants up to EUR8,000 for cross-border projects. The teams and stories must be based in at least two of the following countries:

Oportunities Peace reporting grant accepting pitches

Journalists in any medium are invited to pitch a story on an underreported nonviolent response or peace effort.​ War Stories, Peace Stories (WSPS) and the Pulitzer Center have launched a grant program for peace reporting in international conflict areas. Pitches should illuminate peace efforts, nonviolent resistance and reconciliation in areas of conflict or extremism.  Three projects will be

Investigations INFOGRAFIC // Harta primarilor penali din Republica Moldova

În cinci ani, din 2013 până în 2017, procurorii au intentat peste 100 de dosare penale în privința primarilor și președinților de raioane. Este un calcul elementar al reporterilor Centrului de Investigaţii Jurnalistice care au analizat informaţiile din surse deschise şi au discutat cu mai mulţi edili. Cel mai des, în

Blogs Moldovan History Film Angers Champions of Romanian Ties

A new movie about Moldova’s history, produced under Socialists auspices, has angered pro-EU politicians and historians by playing down links to Romania and, they say, taking Russia’s line. “History of Moldova”, a documentary that premiered last week in Chisinau and produced under the patronage of the country’s pro-Russian President, has

Oportunities Fellowship program from The Obama Foundation for civic innovators

The Obama Foundation Fellowship program seeks to support outstanding civic innovators from around the world in order to amplify the impact of their work and to inspire a wave of civic innovation. The Obama Foundation Fellows will be a diverse set of community-minded rising stars – organizers, inventors, artists, entrepreneurs,

Activities Media NGOs regard public admonitions against journalists as an attempt of intimidation

Media NGOs are concerned about the attitude of the members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) towards the investigative journalist Mariana Rata, who was publicly admonished at the SCM meeting. After the investigation "Judges of the stolen billion" was published on, the journalist was invited to the SCM

Activities The attempt to limit foreign funding of NGOs endangers the functioning of democracy in Moldova and cannot, under any circumstances, be accepted

The legislation of the Republic of Moldova on non-governmental organizations is obsolete, failing to provide sufficient protection against abuses. In spring 2016, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Vladimir Cebotari, accepted the proposal of several civil society organizations to improve the legislation on non-governmental organizations and established a working group

Oportunities Call for applications for the 2017-2018 Václav Havel Journalism Fellowship

Deadline:  31 May 2017 Open to: participants from  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation Fellowship: monthly stipend, housing, insurance, and travel arrangements to and from Prague Description RFE/RL is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Václav Havel Journalism Fellowship. The purpose of the Fellowship is to support aspiring journalists from countries lacking media freedom and

Oportunities New Grant for Cross-Border Investigations

The German Robert Bosch Stiftung offers a new grant program for cross-border investigations. The program Reporters in the Field promotes research projects by journalists from all over Europe. It offers grants of up to 5,000 € to international teams, for cross-border research of a relevant story of their choice. Selected

Oportunities Grants fund investigative journalism

Investigative journalists can apply for a reporting grant. The grants, sponsored by the Fund for Investigative Journalism, are intended to support investigative projects that break new ground and expose wrongdoing – such as corruption, malfeasance or misuse of power – in the public and private sectors. The average award is US$5,000, which should

Oportunities Earth Journalism Network offers biodiversity story grants

Journalists and other expert media practitioners who want to cover critical issues of conservation and biodiversity can apply for grants ranging from US$1,000 to US$2,000. The Earth Journalism Network is offering reporting grants to support the production of in-depth stories that highlight threats to global biodiversity or explore new conservation-based solutions. Proposals that

Oportunities Opportunity for those who want to launch their own web pages

Workshop with international participants and experts. From Moldova will be selected 6-7 participants. Date: 20-23 February 2017 (no lectures on 23rd of February, departures of international participants only) Place: Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel, Chișinău Main topics will be online journalism, internet entrepreneurship and websites production. Participants will learn how to write better for the

Activities UNDP awards 5 corruption investigations carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism

Five out of nine investigations awarded in a competition for best journalistic corruption investigations organized by UNDP, were accomplished under the projects carried out by the Center for Investigative Journalism.  First place was awarded to Mariana Rata, coordinating- editor at the Center for Investigative Journalism for a detailed investigation into

Oportunities Web Development Support for Freedom House’s Program in Moldova

Our Mission: Freedom House is a U.S.-based independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world. Today, as more than two billion people live under oppressive rule, Freedom House speaks out against the main threats to democracy and empowers citizens to exercise their fundamental rights. We analyze

Investigations Apartments at low price for magistrate Oleg Melniciuc’s mother and relatives in the residential block for judges

The head of the court Oleg Melniciuc, his mother and some of his relatives will get apartments and commercial property in the residential block on the street Hristo Botev 6 in Chisinau, which is currently being built for the magistrates of Rascani District Court in the capital and for

Activities Ana Gutu about the captured state and the influence of oligarchs: „Unification with Romania is the only solution for Moldova”

Ana Gutu, candidate of the Party Dreapta in presidential elections dated October 30 says that one more reason to call Moldova a captured state is that the parties at power assign key positions to people affiliated to parties. According to her, the influence of the oligarchs can be reduced

Activities Silvia Radu and Valeriu Ghiletchi speak about oligarchs and captured state

Silvia Radu and Valeriu Ghiletchi, independent candidates for presidential elections in Moldova share the opinion that the state is influenced by some political groups. Politicians did not name oligarchs whocurrently controlthe situation in the country. This was discussed in a debate organized by the Centre for Investigative Journalism under

Investigations Ukraine-Moldova-Transnistria: golden triangle of smuggling

Almost every month, law enforcement officers of Ukraine report about delaying of alcohol and cigarettes smuggling from Moldova. However, in Ukraine the quantity of smuggled goods does not become less–“Privoz” in Odessa, which is one of the oldest and largest existing markets in Europe, is crowded with contraband cigarettes.

Investigations Roma girls - from school to early marriages

Stereotypes and poverty close their way to school. Many Roma girls get married when they are teens and they abandon school. Most of them do not finish the 9th grade because they are forced to stay home and take care of younger brothers and household. The authorities do not

Investigations Childhood with alcohol taste

Children in Moldova start drinking early in primary grades and when they grow up, most of them get drunk at least once. Cases of alcoholic poisoning are increasing among children, while the authorities do not have a clear mechanism for preventing such cases. The temptation is greater for children

Oportunities CIJM invites journalists to public debates about the campaign for presidential elections

Center for Investigative Journalism and Freedom House invite media representatives to a public debate on: „Transparent presidential elections: strengthening journalists’ skills to monitor the 2016 election campaign for presidential elections”. During the event, participants will discuss practices in elections’ monitoring, documentation sources, interaction with electoral candidates and the Central Election


Residents in two villages in district Straseni risk losing a project worth eight million lei, money that was earmarked for the construction of an aqueduct. The tender for selecting the company in charge with works was already organized four times and each time it was challenged by several companies.

Oportunities Paid Summer Internship at Washington Post

Deadline:  21 October 2016 Open to: Journalism students from around the world Benefit: US$750 per week. Description The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded on December 6, 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper. Located in the capital city of the United States, the newspaper has

Investigations Schools with debts of millions on the brink of a new school year

On the brink of the new school year, most schools in Criuleni have debts of thousands of dollars and some -even millions; they are at the risk of reaching the court. The debts date back three years ago when the district authorities have approved a project by which schools

Activities Call to the MPs in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

The non-governmental NGOs from media field call to you not to vote  the bills on the modification and completion of the Broadcasting Code of the Republic of Moldova in the second reading (nr.218 from 22.05 2015 and 125 from 02.04.2015) and to put off their examination till the next parliamentary session, merging

Investigations Social services for children on the brink of a crisis

Hundreds of children have returned home after boarding schools closed, and authorities have pledged to create conditions to prevent families ‘separation. Many services for families and children at risk were established to this effect. Moreover, they did not develop over the past few years after local authorities were called

Investigations Children work hard and the state ignores them

The moratorium on controls leaves room for people who violate the law and employ children. For several months, State Labor Inspectorate does not have the right to perform controls and the patrons employ children as they are sure that no one will stand in their way. Children work to help

Investigations Shadow man

All MPs from 2009 know him by sight. He acted discreetly at almost all parliamentary meetings over the past 7 years with the participation of deputy-chairman of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc. However, the name of Serghei Iaralov was first mentioned in the context of the fraud from the

Investigations How was the state deprived of 30 million lei

The state paid 10 million lei for tons of equipment that languishes for years in the stock of an economic unit. The equipment was purchased for a treatment plant, which the authorities in Criuleni have been trying to build it for nearly a decade. The fate of the investment

Investigations Abused children, almost forgotten by authorities

They work by halves and leave children defenseless rather than protecting them. It's about some mayors, doctors, social workers and teachers who are required by law to work together to protect children. After the inter-sectoral mechanism of cooperation for the identification, assessment, referral, assistance and monitoring of child victims

Investigations Refugee children from discrimination to success stories

Dozens of children in Moldova fled their countries. They came together with their parents as they escaped the bombing and persecution and wanted to find a safe and quiet place. Most foreigners, who applied for asylum or humanitarian protection lately, are from Syria and Ukraine, Pakistan, Afghanistan and several

Investigations Children, face to face with the aggressor when they are 14

Children who have been beaten or raped do not longer benefit from friendly   questioning rooms for children when they reach the age of 14, although the law contains a provision to this effect.  They are often put face to face with the abuser and have to tell in detail

Oportunities Conference on conflict journalism open

Journalists ages 21 to 35 can apply to attend a five-day seminar in Israel on conflict journalism. Academic and professional journalists will discuss the challenges of reporting in conflict zones at the "Media in Conflicts Seminar" on Aug. 28 to Sept. 1 in Herzliya, Israel. The event is organized by

Oportunities Award for outstanding achievements in the field of investigative journalism

Investigative journalists who are working in print, television, radio and online media in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia may join this competition. CEI SEEMO Award is given for outstanding achievements to investigative journalists who do

Oportunities Grants fund investigative journalism

Investigative journalists can apply for a reporting grant. The grants, sponsored by the Fund for Investigative Journalism, are intended to support investigative projects around the world. The average award is US$5,000, which should cover out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs. The Fund does not cover grantees’ salaries or equipment. The first half

Blogs Marriage – a right or a privilege…?

“In my mind, there’s nothing our generation should be more ashamed of than people with severe mental illness being punished for a disease they can’t do anything about.” Fran Quigle Moldova stalled in archaic laws and practices regarding persons with disabilities and mental health. An example of such abusive practices

Investigations VIDEO// Parents leave- who takes care of children

Thousands of children in the Republic of Moldova meet their parents once in several years. Relatives or random people take care of these children who most often end up in the statistics about violence and abuse. Authorities say that such cases can be prevented if parents before leaving, award

Oportunities PBS MediaShift hosts webinar on digital tools for reporting

Anyone interested in multimedia tools can attend this online program. DigitalEd, PBS MediaShift's online training series, will webcast "Great Mobile Tools for Reporting" at 1 p.m. EDT on April 19. The hourlong webinar will cover free and low-cost online tools journalists can use to enhance their multimedia and mobile reporting. Digital journalist and educator Mike Reilley will

Oportunities Storytelling workshop accepting applications

Students, graduates and young professionals of all academic fields from Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova can apply for this program. The international journalists group Publish Yourself! and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are organizing the workshop "Liquid Borders", which will take place April 18 to 29 in Chisinau, Moldova. The program aims to set

Investigations VIDEO// Long way back home: „I will never return to the boarding school”

Over 70 children from the auxiliary boarding school Grinauti-Moldova in district Ocnita reintegrated into their families and in the community after the institution was closed. They do not want to ever return to the boarding school that deprived them of childhood. VIDEO// Elena Moldoveanu, Marin Bogonovschi Though the boarding school in Grinauti

Oportunities Digital Journalism for Eastern Europe 2016

Journalists from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine acquire smart skills about video, photography and data visualisation, doing online research, and internet security. This blended learning course consists of a strong attendance phase in Germany and one intensive e-learning module. Applications will be accepted until April 5.

Oportunities Rockit Regional Digital Communication Summit 2016

On February 5 & 6, Rockit Digital Communication Summit will bring together international digital communication experts, entrepreneurs, journalists, marketing pros NGOs and e-government representatives. 500 attendees, 24 speakers and 50 international guests from 17 countries, including Sarah Frank (Executive Producer, NowThis News, USA), Adam Harrell (President, Nebo Agency, USA), Dragos Stanca

Oportunities Khadija Ismayilova Investigative Journalism Fellowship

The Khadija Ismayilova Investigative Journalism Fellowship, sponsored by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in partnership with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), will support reporting projects within RFE/RL’s broadcast region that investigate persons in power and corruption. The Fellowship is for a six-month period, during which the Fellow will be placed

Oportunities Developing Independent Media Skills in Eurasia

The fourteenth edition of the "Independent media" program is planned for this year. Nearly 26 journalists from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will be invited to Poland. During study visits, they will have an opportunity to visit the editorial offices of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV stations, internet

Investigations Off-SHOR Airport via Russia (II)

To ensure incomes estimated at over one billion Euros to the company „Avia Invest”, managed by the current mayor of Orhei Ilan Shor, the main suspect in the case on the theft of billion from the financial-banking system of the Republic of Moldova, the Government does not want to

Investigations Illegal sand extraction from the Nistru and Prut Rivers: some get wealthy while the country has losses

The Republic of Moldova has two inland waterways of international importance: the Nistru and the Prut Rivers. Representatives of the fleets of these two rivers insist that they must constantly clean these waterways and every year on this pretext, hundreds of tons of sand, gravel and stones are illegally

Investigations Off-SHOR Airport via Russia (I)

Chisinau International Airport (AIC) lease is one of the most controversial "businesses" concluded by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in recent years. Although 5 European companies with experience in airport activity were invited to participate in the contest, the competition commission chose an anonymous company, founded by

Investigations Manipulations in the judiciary system

Though the Judiciary Inspection found no violations in the distribution of cases, data from the Integrated Case Management Program show the existence of several problems. The program of random distribution of cases works perfectly, says the Judiciary Inspection (IJ) that verified the registration and distribution of cases in Moldovan Courts

Investigations Moldovagaz: Luxury houses and agreements signed between family members

Agreements of collaboration have been signed in the last three years between enterprises founded by Moldovagaz and companies affiliated to the family of the head of the Administration Council of the enterprise, Alexandru Gusev.  Based on these agreements, private and “independent” economic units perform the metering certification of natural

Investigations 18 bln USD laundered through the judiciary in Moldova since 2010 (II)

About 18 billion dollars, 17 judges, three "ghost" cases whose signatories are missing,  a case destroyed and a judge unwillingly involved in the scheme of legalizing "black" money in the Russian Federation. Continuation from November 20 In the period 2010-2014, the Republic of Moldova has turned into a real "laundering" of

Investigations 18 bln USD laundered through the judiciary in Moldova since 2010 (I)

Since 2010, the Republic of Moldova became a real system of money laundering in the region through the courts. This "fame" went around the world and half of the 20 judges who dictated shameful verdicts continue to judge and "do justice" to this day. Many judges who have "legalized" black

Investigations Relatives’ rout at Moldatsa

Employees of the State Enterprise "Moldatsa" have benefited from huge salaries, increments, bonuses for tasks included in their job responsibilities and zero interest rate loans estimated at thousands of dollars in the past two years. Many of them are relatives of state officials. All these in conditions when in

Oportunities Anti-Corruption Exchange Workshop for Citizen Journalists MUTE@Corruption

Freedom House, in cooperation with the Institute of Mass Information (IMI, Ukraine) and the Center for Investigative Journalism of Moldova (CIJM, Moldova), is organizing a six-day Anti-Corruption Exchange Workshop for 40 Ukrainian and Moldovan citizen journalists, bloggers, and activists on 7-12 December 2015 in Odesa (Ukraine), with the financial

Investigations The confidential report of the Commission of Minister Cebotari and Airport leasing

President of the Commission on assessing the Chisinau International Airport leasing agreement, Minister of Justice Vladimir Cebotari admitted that "Avia Invest" has not fulfilled some of the provisions stipulated by the agreement, but he argues that there are no grounds for terminating the agreement. Termination was recommended by the

Investigations Property of Heads from the National Energy Regulatory Agency: Unreported houses, luxury cars, plots of land and businesses

Officially, the increase in electricity tariffs will affect the four directors of the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) that approved the new tariffs. This is because at least two of them live in luxury apartments with a surface of over 100 sqm and their maintenance will increase considerably. On

Investigations Trade with Public Land

Moldovan businesses have found a way to buy up public land by paying several times less money than the market price of the land. The scheme is simple: they lease in the land on which they have set their eyes from the local authorities, they build economic objects on

Investigations Six years at the Customs Service: businesses and properties of Balitchi family

Tudor Balitchi, head of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova lives in an apartment of 200 square meters, registered on his sister’s name. In recent years, his sister, established in the US and his mother, a doctor by profession, now retired, have become owners of more plots

Investigations The assets declared by judges: houses and cars at negligible costs

Most judges undervalue their movable and immovable property which they officially declare to own. The reporters of the Center for Investigative Journalismarrived to this conclusion after having examined more than 400 declarations of income and assets, submitted by magistrates for 2014. The legislation requires that in declaration of assets is

Investigations How Moldovan Railways Has Lost Wagons of Millions

Moldovan Railways, which has got to the point of inability to pay salaries this year, wasted revenues of over 50 million lei from the rent of its wagons in the previous years. The money did not go into the state enterprise accounts but to those of some suspicious companies.

Investigations Businesses, assets and interests of deputy ministers from Strelet Government (II)

Amongst deputy ministers promoted in the Strelet Government there are rich and poor, with thriving and less active businesses, with clean or less clean records. Even if the new public office is incompatible with any other paid post some new deputies continue to administer businesses, some of them in

Investigations Businesses, assets and interests of deputy ministers from Strelet Government (I)

Amongst deputy ministers promoted in the Strelet Government there are rich and poor, with thriving and less active businesses, with clean or less clean records. Even if the new public office is incompatible with any other paid post some new deputies continue to administer businesses, some of them in

Oportunities Grants for Investigative Journalism Reporters

WASHINGTON — The Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) seeks grant proposals for independent investigative projects from journalists who need support for travel and other reporting expenses. The deadline for proposals is 5 p.m. EDT, Friday, September 28. FIJ is interested in proposals that break new ground and expose wrongdoing. Projects relating

Investigations How public procurement kickbacks end up in political party budgets during election campaigns

Similar to the parliamentary elections of last November, the local elections campaign held by political parties this June was primarily funded by employees of companies that had acquired large contracts with the state over the past few years. The analysis of financial reports submitted by political factions to the

Investigations The Press House without Press

In the building located in the center of Chișinău that used to be the premises of the journalistic profession, today only each fourth tenant is a media outlet while the rest are business operators having no connection to the press. The Press House is used as premises for companies that

Investigations Streleț Government: interests, business and assets

The government led by Valeriu Strelet voted for by liberal democrats, democrats and liberals, is made up of several new names, but which are not unaffiliated to politics. Most new-old ministers were featured in previous investigations of the Center for Investigative Journalism which revealed hidden interests and businesses run

Investigations “Hooliganism” – the cudgel in prosecutors’ hands or how to prove you haven’t been “extremely naughty”

A remaining gap in legislation is used by law enforcement as a cudgel against inconvenient people, but also as an instrument of pressure on suspects. It’s about the fact that Article 287 of the Criminal Code and Article 354 of the Code of Administrative Offences provide Criminalties for hooliganism,

Investigations Money “secretly” chopped on dead voting system in Parliament

The electronic voting system, installed in the renovated building of the Parliament one year ago, remains an object of decorum during the plenary meetings of the new legislators as well. They do not care that the equipment, on which public funds had been spent and that is meant to